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Project America, Inc is a 501C3 committed to compassionate and respecƞul medically assisted treatment practices for recovery. We create a safe environment for people to heal. We accept people on suboxone, methadone and drugs that support mental health treatment.

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Project America, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit transforming our nation one life at a Ɵme. When you change life, you impact a family. When you impact families, you rekindle a community. When you rekindle communities, you transform a nation. We use the proven method to class 2 recovery homes laid out by Kate’s House Foundation. Our NARR certified houses provide safe homes where program
members become connected to a family house. The peer model of recovery increases the likelihood of success and greatly reduces recidivism.

While we can calculate the financial return a shared housing bed returns to society, the realized value of our program cannot be fully calculated in dollars. How much is it worth to a family to have a father, mother, son, or daughter restored? Substance use disorder and jusƟce issues have tremendous negative emotional and financial tolls on the family. Successful recovery has a positive impact on multiple generations. It breaks the downward spiral caused by addiction and replaces it with a vibrant legacy. You can become a partner today in transforming lives.

Project America is not affiliated with any organization. It is faith-inspired rather than being faith-based.

People of all faiths are welcome. The key requirement is a strong desire and commitment to make a positive change to overcome substance use disorder or justice issues. Today is the best day to start.