(Kevin & Jody)

Kevin Wall

Kevin has extensive experience in leading organizational change within Big Pharma. He built and rebuilt organizations to achieve world class performance. In 2014, he started his first real estate investment company. Kevin could not find general contractors who understood the needs of investors, so he started his own company based on the open book model. The business grew by invitation only. He was selective in the clients with whom he invested time.

Kevin’s simple formula for success is People, Process, Performance. Engage and empower the right people. People are the key ingredient to world class performance. People create processes to standardize routine activities. The two together drive performance. Kevin has used that strait forward approach both in the pharmaceutical and the real estate worlds. He now brings that to Project America.

Kevin is the son of a Baptist minister, and his faith is very important to him. His dad taught him to lay up treasures in Heaven. The only things going to heaven are people. His father modeled that character by starting a prison ministry to teach inmates life skills so they could avoid returning to prison. Kevin followed suit by volunteering on mission trips and serving in Church. However, something was missing and more could be done. We all know the problem America faces with addiction. Project America exists not to curse the darkness but rather to shine a light to the path of healing and recovery.

Project America takes investing in people to a higher level. Helping people who are forgotten and overlooked regain their lives is the core of what we do. Project America is about the people in our communities. “Missions” is not something a few people do in Africa. It is about each of us reaching out to help those in need where we live.

The familiar story of the prodigal son is recorded in Luke chapter 15. The pivotal verse that turned the son’s life around is in verse 17. It says of the son “when he came to his senses”. When people reach their lowest point, when they truly desire change, when they make the decision to take responsibility for their lives, true change can begin. Project America is there for those people who desire change but need help. We leverage the proven method of shared housing to restore people to living sober. We do not reinvent the wheel. We build systems to be the gold standard of recovery housing. The people we serve deserve no less than our best effort.


Jody Wall

Anyone who knows Jody understands she has a heart for people. People are open with her. She is not shy about acting to help meet people’s needs. Acting rather than talking is the biggest part of who she is. Jody lived in Antwerp Belgium for 5 years. She served as president of the American Women’s club and helped expats find their way in a new country. However, she did much more. She volunteered twice a week at local refugee centers. She ministered to women from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq who had lost everything and fled their homes to find a better life for their families. The bio would fill pages on recounting the things she did to help women and children regain dignity and hope of a new life.

Jody has been a real estate professional since 2014. She is more than being a realtor. She is a driving force to build a business that meets the needs of the people she serves. Her attitude is that she will not rent out a house she would not live in. She is more than a landlord to many of her tenants. She helps them find the resources their families need. Women have literally cried and become overcome with gratitude when they move into one of her properties. Some of them were escaping desperate situations and could not imagine they would be able to raise their children in a clean and well-maintained house.

Jody required no convincing to get involved when the idea of starting recovery homes was first introduced. It is the logical next step on her life’s journey. When you meet her, you will see her passion for this business. She drives each day attending to the many details of making the vision come to reality. She already sees the people that will be helped by Project America.