About Us

The Power of Housing to Change Lives

Our Mission: Project America, Inc is a 501c3 provides compassionate and respectful Sober Living Programs for recovery. We create a safe environment for people to heal.  We accept those on supervised Medically Assisted Therapy and on suboxone, methadone and drugs that support mental health treatment.

We provide exceptional housing in safe neighborhoods for men and women coming from the justice system or recovering from addiction.

We are partnered with multiple agencies that can support dual diagnoses of addiction and depression. With these partnerships, we can offer the opportunity to recover or reintegrate into society in a beautiful and safe setting.

Project America takes investing in people to a higher level. Helping people who are forgotten and overlooked regain their lives is the core of what we do. Project America is about the people in our communities. “Missions” is not something a few people do in Africa. It is about each of us reaching out to help those in need where we live.

Our homes are strategically located near services that help lead to successful reintegration, recovery, education, and employment. Your safety is our top priority.

We hope that you make us your next step on the road to recovery or reintegration.