All Things House life

Manager/Senior Resident

House leaders are not elected. Project America is a level 2 Recovery Residence as defined by the National Alliance on Recovery Residences.  We appoint house managers and senior residents.

The house manager assists with the daily tasks of running a recovery residence, may be paid (either in the form of a regular income or through rent-free residence on-site) or unpaid.

House managers are appointed by PA staff.  Residents who achieve marked progress towards their recovery goals, demonstrate leadership and cooperation in residence maintenance may be considered for house managers.

Senior residents are individuals with an extended tenure at a recovery residence and typically assist new residents as they acclimate to living in the recovery residence.

PA prefers the term program member in favor of residents.  Members are part of the community which forms the family unit of the home.  Program members are also known as  peers, fellow housemates and individuals in recovery who provide either formal or informal peer-to-peer support.  Hence each program member both receives support and provides support to fellow program members.

Drugs and Alcohol

You will have a drug test upon entry into the program.  You agree to random drug testing as part of remaining in good standing in the program.  Random testing helps maintain your recovery goals while protecting you and fellow members.  Refusing drug testing is grounds for removal from the program.

You will be asked to immediately leave the residence if you fail a drug or alcohol test.  The safety of other program members is our concern.  You should make a prearrangement if this happens.  PA will work diligently to find you a temporary space, but we cannot guarantee it.  Re-entry will be conditional on professional assessment in combination with drug testing.  We advocate on your behalf when you are working toward the betterment of your health.

Project America runs a Medially Assisted Treatment residence.  Your recovery is our overall goal.  All proscribed medications and doses should be logged in with the house manager.  Program members are expected to maintain their dose regimen.  

Yes.  All medication must be logged in with the house manager or with PA staff and allowed by your treatment professional.

Narcan is available in each house.  You will be trained in its use.  Administer the dose per label directions.  Call 911.  Immediately report the incident to your house manager or PA management.  

We are a safe zone.  People who have legal issues are in the house and case managers can inspect at any time.  Moreover, this is a rehab facility.  Drugs and alcohol are violations.  Immediately report the material to your house manager or PA management.  The incident will be investigated.  Contraband is grounds for termination from the program.


There is no expectation of privacy.  Rooms cannot be locked with the exception of bathrooms.  All rooms are open to random search.  

Program members’ safety is our prime concern.  There is no expectation of privacy.  Rooms can be searched at any time.   Finding prohibited items is grounds for program membership termination.

Safety and your health are our prime concerns.  Program members share rooms.  House managers may be afforded a private room as part of their compensation for taking on house responsibility.

Parole officers and certain program leaders may inspect the residence or visit their residents at any time.  PA cooperates with legal officials and expects program members to treat them with respect and cooperate.

All Things Money

You can pay via cash app or Zelle.  We do not take cash or check.

Program fees are due weekly on Friday to facilitate the budget process.  Late fees are assessed Sunday morning following being due on Friday.  PA also recognizes life happens.  We encourage members to be proactive in communicating financial difficulty as soon as possible.  We cannot emphasize this enough.  Early communication is best.  We will work with you in an attempt to find stop gap funding.  However, success is not guaranteed.

You do not have a tenant / landlord relationship with Project America.  Tenant law does not apply.  If you don’t pay the program fee or if there is serious breach of the rules or endangering fellow members, you may face expulsion from the program.  In the unfortunate instance this arises, you will be required to vacate the home.

You will be provided with two pillows, one set of sheets, two full sets of towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a Project America Shirt. We will have on hand emergency shaving cream and razors until the members are able to get their own. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided. 

Yes.  Items provided to you as part of your entry fee are yours to keep.

You are responsible for providing your own food and its preparation.  Residents may agree to voluntarily share items for a meal.  Fellow residents are not allowed to consume your items without your express permission.  Taking food is considered theft.

Project America exists for your overall health and sustained recovery.  Housing stability is central to your long-term health.  You are welcome to remain a resident as long as you are in good standing with the house rules and remain current with the program fees.


Each PA residence has a curfew to be back in the residence as well as a lights out.  Each program member should have time for rest.

PA encourages employment at the right time during the recovery journey.  We recognize employers may have off hours work schedules.  The work schedule will be logged with the house manager and appropriate curfew arrangements will be made on a case by case basis.

You agree to be in residence at curfew unless preapproved by the house manager or PA staff.  Certain legally involved members are required to check in.  Failure to check in will go on your record as a program noncompliance.  Repeated instances can lead to being removed from the program.  Being away without permission will result in a drug test for re-entry to the residence.

You will not be allowed to leave the residence for your first 30 days.  Overnight stays may be approved once, a month ahead of time.  The location will be approved.  You will be drug tested to re-enter the residence.

Program member safety is of prime concern.  We also have a good neighbor policy to limit the amount of people coming in and out of the house.  Guests are not allowed in the residence under any circumstances.  They may not meet you on the front lawn.  The only exception is family members taking tours upon your entry into the program. 

Theft is not tolerated.  Program members should respect the boundaries and property of fellow members.  Immediately report the incident to your house manager or PA management.  The incident will be investigated.

Safety is a core to our program.  We have zero tolerance for violence and intimidation.  Program members should treat each other with respect.  Immediately report the incident to your house manager or PA management.  The incident will be investigated.

PA encourages cooperation and understanding.  However, we recognize some people will not mesh.  PA will expect cooperation to make things work but will try to reassign room assignments, if possible.  Recognize that reassignment may not be feasible.

Part of recovery is having structure with a safe and secure environment.  Living in tight spaces with several people will generate stress.  The program rules level set behavior expectations and help ensure a balanced family environment.  The rules allow you to focus on your recovery with limited negative interactions with fellow program members.


You are required to participate in a recovery program of your choice in order to progress towards your recovery goals.  Maintaining your commitments is a condition to program membership.

PA has weekly mandatory meetings to discuss residence business and build the sense of family.  Robust social and peer support is essential to your recovery goals.

Automobiles/ Parking

Parking is limited.  Our good neighbor policy encourages people to use the garage and driveway before street parking.  Take the space closest to the residence.  Someone will eventually park behind you.  They will move their vehicle to let you out and then take the space you vacated.  Someone will let them out when they need to leave.

Parking is first come first serve.  No parking is assigned.  Residents are expected to park in the first space available and maximize off-street parking. 

Cars must be in good working order and do not leak fluids.  Repairs should be made in a timely manner.  Cars which remain inoperable for an extended time should be moved to another location.  


Washer/ DryerYesYes
Fenced YardYesYes
Off-street ParkingYesYes
Public TransportationYesYes
Swimming PoolYesNo
Covered PatioYesNo
Community GymYesYes*
Community HospitalYesYes*

*Access close by local bus