Financial Discolsure



  1. Program fees are $200.00 a week which is be paid each A $50 late fee is assessed at 12 noon Sunday.
  2. The program fee is not rent as there is not landlord-tenant relationship between Project America and the program
  3. The program has a non-refundable $300.00 supplies fee prior to
  4. REFUND POLICY: There is no refund of program fees if you break the rules and are asked to
  5. You are responsible for making sure that your program fee is paid, even if it is paid by another organization.
  6. We can assist in finding partners who will pay partial or full room charges once you are established in the house and if you lose your
  7. Please open a bank We will accept debit cards, Automatic Clearing House Services (ACH), cash app or Stripe. We do not accept cash or personal checks and do not keep card information.
  8. You are responsible for the damage you cause to the residence or the
  9. FINANCIAL INVOLVEMENT OF STAFF: Anyone associated with Project America, or its houses are prohibited from handling your