House Rules



  1. Project America works with several agencies, and you are expected to follow the rules of your You are required to follow your treatment plan with your health care team.
  2. NO CALL – NO SHOW for 48 hours will result in the loss of your Please contact your house manager if you plan on being gone longer than 48 hours with approval.

NOTE: DOC officers, Drug Court Therapists, and your counselor (not house managers), are the only ones that can give permission to spend the night somewhere else.

  1. Project America must be notified in writing immediately if you will be absent with approval from a
  2. There is a 30-day blackout on staying offsite. We check whether you have permission to be

We enforce the curfew unless you have a check out slip from work.

  1. Violence Zero Tolerance: Threats of harm, abusive language or intimidation are causes for termination from the
  3. Security cameras are an essential part of creating a safe You are not allowed to tamper with or move security cameras.
  4. No obstruction of the authorities or Department of Corrections personnel monitoring their clients are permitted and is cause for termination from the
  5. Some program members are on Community The Department of Corrections will have full access to the premises. You should be polite to anyone who enters the home with a request for information.
  6. Members are in transition for various reasons, we will neither confirm nor deny that they live
  7. Do not discuss other program members’ background and warrants with
  8. Chores:



  1. Chores will be assigned The chore list is in the kitchen. If you cannot do your chore, you need to arrange with another member to cover it for you. Chores will include thorough cleanup of common areas (kitchens, bathrooms, living room). Each member is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and participating in communal chores.
  2. Rooms will be kept orderly and Beds will be made daily when not occupied.
  3. No eating in the
  4. Trash must be emptied Garbage must go out on the appointed day.
  5. You may not use the spare bed, dresser, or If there is an open bed in your room, you are responsible for maintaining the bed.
  6. You may not change your room or house without written permission from DOC, drug court, your program manager, the house owners and the house
  7. Immediately clean up any area you use (kitchen, bathroom, and common area). It is expected that you will thoroughly clean the bathroom after your Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  8. No pets Trained service animals that perform function for the owner with certification from an official agency that performs a function are allowed.
  9. You borrow and loan it is at your own risk. Members are responsible for the security of their Members storing personal belongings in common areas store them at their own risk.
  10. CARS and PARKING:
  11. Your vehicle must be functioning and not in disrepair (leaking oil, smoking). We do not allow junk cars that are not running on any property.
  12. You must have proof of license and
  13. Parking is first come first served with no assigned
  14. If you damage someone’s car, it is your We do not get involved.
  15. You will cooperate in moving your vehicle if you are parked behind
  16. SMOKING and Vaping: Smoking and vaping is outside in the Please clean up your smoking materials. There is no smoking or vaping on the front porch or yard.
  17. Stealing is cause for termination from the Taking someone else’s food is stealing. Bringing stolen goods into the house is stealing. Taking someone’s medication is stealing.
  18. The computer and printer are to remain in the common
  19. Guests are not allowed on the NO OVERNIGHT guests are allowed under and circumstances. The exception is family members may see the house when you move in. The security of your room and house depends on no one who is not a member of the house being invited into the house.
  20. Energy conservation is everyone’s Please turn off lights, water, and heat when not in use.
  21. Do not tamper with the
  22. You understand that breaching the safety of the house, or when someone leaves, we will lead to a change in door codes. DOC has automatic entry into the houses and has the door We have WIFI enabled locks and may change codes instantly.
  23. Curfew is midnight on Friday and Saturday Curfew is 10 PM Sunday through Thursday night with no exceptions unless approved.
  24. You will be asked to provide a work schedule to the house manager if you are working the night
  25. Lights Out is at 11:00 PM Sunday through Thursday night and 12:30 AM Friday and Saturday
  26. House meetings are Signing in and out of the house is required.
  27. You must identify any merchandise that you own that has a value of greater than $50 when you enter our home and have paperwork signed by the house manager. We are not responsible for merchandise of