Paid Work Policy


  1. Policy and procedures that ensure the following conditions are met if the residence provider

employs, contracts with, or enters into a paid work agreement with members:

  • Paid work arrangements are completely voluntary.
  • Members do not suffer consequences for declining work.
  • Members who accept paid work are not treated more favorably than members who do not
  • All qualified members are given equal opportunity for available work.
  • Paid work for the operator or staff does not impair participating members’ progress towards their recovery goals.
  1. Paid work is treated the same as any other employment situation:
  • Wages are commensurate with marketplace value and at least minimum wage.
  • The arrangements are viewed by a majority of the members as fair.
  • Paid work does not confer special privileges on members doing the work.
  • Work relationships do not negatively affect the recovery environment or morale of the home.
  • Unsatisfactory work relationships are terminated without recriminations

Grievance policy

If you have any problems with your house, please contact your house manager or Jody Wall.