Drug and alcohol-free housing—Program of recovery terms

  1. This is a Clean and Sober recovery house, and you MUST always be clean and sober otherwise, immediate removal from the program may result.
  2. No alcohol or illegal drug use. No marijuana or using prescription drugs that do not belong to you. No unprescribed is allowed cough syrup. All prescribed medication must be kept in a locked box.
  1. Bringing fentanyl into the house results in immediate termination and payment for a hazmat removal.
  1. You will have a baseline UA when you are admitted into the program. Let us know beforehand of use in the prior three months.
  1. Random UA’s will be required. The house manager may request a random UA. Failure to comply is cause for removal and is considered “dirty”. You will be charged $10.00 per UA for follow up UAs.
  1. You will be subject to a UA upon returning from overnight stays. The cost is $10.00.
  1. You will be asked to sign a medical release form when you fill out your application so that we and our designee may share house drug testing results with counselors.
  2. We have house leaders and individuals who have completed peer support classes to provide support to you in Project America homes.
  1. Providing illicit drugs or over the counter medications to any program member is grounds for program termination. The sale of illicit drugs on or off property is immediate cause for program dismissal. You will be asked to leave and may get your belongings within 30 days.
  1. If you use drugs, you must self-report immediately to your house leader and your program.
  1. There is no expectation of privacy. Rooms may be searched for contraband at any time. Putting a lock on your door will lead to program termination.
  1. You are expected to take medication prescribed by your physician or program.
  2. You are not allowed to ask other members to execute paperwork for the courts or any other group.